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What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the newest way to market your product or services to customers through various online platforms. These platforms may include Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or many others. By consistently placing content on various social media platforms, your company is able to create a real-time connection where customers can respond to you directly, ask questions, and receive feedback from you, the company.

Traditional marketing efforts generally focus on reaching specific demographics. However, social media marketing is the best possible way to reach out to potential customers who are known to have an interest or specifically seek out various products, services, etc. through the use of hashtags and other social media tags. This means that instead of targeting specific demographics such as women aged 24-45 or millennials, you can now target a specific audience based on a common interest.

Social media marketing has changed the way companies market their products and services, and how they communicate with their customers. If your company has not yet entered the social media world, now is the time to do so and GR Consulting has the staff to help you get started.

Promoting and Building your Business Through Social Media

There are two key reasons why social media marketing has become so popular in today’s business world. Firstly, it allows companies to reach an audience far larger than traditional marketing efforts would allow, and secondly, it’s free! Many social media platforms do not charge a fee for their services which means that financial efforts can be moved from the marketing budget, to the planning and strategy budget allowing companies to really harness their potential.

Social media can build your business far quicker than traditional marketing methods. One Tweet from the right customer or becoming part of a current media trend (through hash tagging) can send your company’s message viral. Customers can take real-time photos or write real-time messages about your business which spread to everyone who follows that person’s account. The result is that, by simply posting a photo or message, or having a customer do so on their own account, you have just reached a far greater audience than if you had, say, taken out a newspaper ad. Social media grows and promotes your business by targeting and reaching the most appropriate audience for your product or service.