About Us - GR Consulting

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Who we are

GR Consulting is a BC-based company that helps owners and entrepreneurs build or restructure their business, helping them to achieve their organizational goals. GR Consulting also offers partnership opportunities which add strength and knowledge to your business. Although located in Victoria, GR Consulting works with companies and projects across Canada.

At GR Consulting and Holdings Ltd., we employ over two decades of experience in various fields of business operations such as business development, operations, marketing, web development, human resources, and many more. Our objective is to take your business to the next level by understanding your organizational goals and to apply our professional knowledge to help you achieve those goals. We offer in-person or online private consulting that allows for our knowledge and expertise to manage and oversee your business from anywhere.

What we do

GR Consulting offers both individual and group coaching depending on your business needs. Our stance on business coaching is to guide and teach our clients by utilizing your organization’s knowledge, skills, and abilities, and to transform them into tools that can help you to meet your business needs.

At GR, we believe in researched-based, results-driven strategy. It’s what drives us and keeps our clients happy and successful. As a company, we believe if our clients don’t succeed then nor do we. This is why our billing can be based on a percent share vs hourly rate. Contact us today for more details.