Cam Zarubiak

Web Developer & UI Designer

In August 2019, Cam was brought onto the GR Consulting team in a Web Developer and User Interface Designer Role. Cam has an eye for detail when it comes to design. He is able to use his coding and website development skills to create beautiful masterpieces, making him a talented web designer.

Cam recently graduated from the University of Victoria’s Faculty of Engineering in June 2019 attaining a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a specialization in Software Engineering. Throughout the course of his degree Cam achieved excellent marks in courses focused around User Experience and Design. Cam’s passion and enthusiasm about best software and web development practices always leave him wanting to learn more about web development. He is not intimidated by tasks, instead he embraces a challenge and faces it head on. He applies a philosophy of, “knocked down 7 times? get up 8.” which allows him to stay level headed throughout any challenges he may face. The best way to learn a subject is getting hands on knowledge, and learning from mistakes or errors while coding through a project.

Cam has an inner drive and competitiveness to be the best at everything he does whether it’s web design, clothing design, sports, etc. He understands that the best way to succeed in life is to be happy for those around you who are thriving, build off of their positive energy, and use it in your daily life for whatever task you are working on. His position at GR Consulting will allow him to thrive as an individual and grow as a talented software developer.