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Jordan Custodio

Jordan Custodio

Web Developer & User interface design

In May of 2016, Jordan was brought on to the team at G.R Consulting as the companies in house Web Developer. Jordan has a natural design ability which he is able to combine with his coding and website development skills, making him a talented web designer.

Jordan is currently studying Economics and Computer Science at the University of Victoria, where he has impressed his computer science professors and lab T.A’s with his skill set that is much more advanced than required for his year. Jordan is passionate about his work in programing and web development, and always wants to learn new coding languages and try new things. He is not one to back down from a daunting task, even if he has never done anything like it before. He believes that the only way to learn in this field is through trial and error, “you can sit in a lecture hall for hours on end and listen to your professor talk about the parameters and rules behind each language, but in reality, the only way you can understand it is by sitting down at a computer and trying it for yourself”.

With Jordan’s up-beat personality and go-to attitude, he makes for a willing, capable and talented young web developer who has a bright future in the making. His position at G.R Consulting will allow him to stretch the boundaries of his skills and reach new levels that he has never attained before; after all, helping people reach new levels is what G.R Consulting is all about.